Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Whoa! Why hello there Tuesday!

My mom and three of my brothers came into town this last weekend to celebrate my niece Lil Miss Olivia's 1st birthday! Consequentially, I totally forgot about introducing another one of my sponsors! oy~

Noelle did such a wonderful job decorating and putting everything together, there was a great turn out including This week's Sponsor intro:

The ever adorable Lauren! From over at Peace Love Lauren
Don't you just lover her new dark hair and spunky bangs? Me too!
(oh and, ahem, I uh, totally made Olivia's dress!)

I've had the great privilege of getting to know Lauren personally and in the blog world! She has such a warm personality and is a fabulous aspiring interior designer (her little home is just about to die for because it is just full to the brim of adorable and well coordinated touches of her as an individual.)

Click the button to check her cute self out!

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