Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tutorial Tuesdays: Setting Pleats

I absolutely love feminine touches on clothes! One of my favorite girly touches are pleats and tucks, but if you've ever tried hand pleating something (even with a pleater board-ick) you know that it takes forever!

And, here's the big bummer, when you don't do anything to set the pleats; all the hours of measuring and ironing and pressing and pinning and basting are for not.

They will just come out in the first wash. :{ So here's a quick way to chemically (don't worry, you already have everything you'll need) set those pleats to end up with great looks like these:

(ohhh Pinterest...before I get sidetracked...) 

You will need: 
A spray bottle 
A Press Cloth (muslin will generally work)
1/2 c. white vinegar
1 c. Water
an Iron

Mix the vinegar and water together in a spray bottle (be sure your bottle has a fine mist setting...) As you pleat (however you decide to do this; basting, pleater board, measure and pin...) spray the fabric with the mixture until it is lightly damp, also spray the press cloth (if you are using a fabric with a high heat tolerance, you may not need the press cloth) until it is damp, place over pleats and iron. 

Repeat until all of your pleats are set. Now all your hard work won't come undone in the first wash!

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