Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays: A month of dates for Nad

One of the most important things to keeping a strong and fun marriage is to keep courting each other.  Keep oogling his nice arms and he'll keep sneaking pinches each chance he gets.

And it will be so much fun!

But, starting out, generally doesn't provide the funds for weekly big dream dates and adventures. Sure, someday we'll fly somewhere awesome on a whim or drive up to Yellowstone for the day, but for now; these will more than suffice.

1. Go on a walk together: the weather is just starting to warm up and those sunshiney rays will do you, your heart, and your love for each other so much good!

2. Go throw rocks: what? No, seriously though. Find a little pond or lake and skip rocks. Frozen over? See who can break through the ice first. Activities that may seem a little juvenile (but not in a way that will land you in jail or with a misdemeanor seeing as you are an adult now) will help break down defenses that you may have up and help you to communicate things that you may at other times feel to silly to bring up.

3. Spice up dinner: You're already going to eat, so why not shake it up a little bit? Eat dinner picnic style or build a fort and eat it inside. Finish up with a dessert you can just nibble on and play a board game together. 

4. Watch the sunrise: yes I know it is cold out right now and yes it is very possible that the whole excursion will be less comfortable than romantic, but sometimes when things going  a little wrong and you feel really silly about them later, it creates the best memories. So, when you are old and grey, or just feeling lack-luster on an off day, you can think about that time you guys woke up at the crack of dawn, bundled up with homemade hot chocolate and traipsed out into the snow to watch a winter sunrise. and froze.

So, have fun with your free dates and let me know what you do for your impromptu, ultimate budget friendly, dates.

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