Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hi, you.

Somewhere around 24 weeks...I think?

I'm not sure when the last time I posted in this blog was...but it was quite some time ago.

SO much has been happening around here...which means I should be better at documenting it, right? Wrong. So wrong.

Earlier this year, as we were driving home from one of our billion appointments, Russell and I were talking about how crazy last year was.

Lemme non-chronologically recap a few bits of 2014:

  • We moved from our apartment into a duplex
  • We got sealed!
  • Russell changed shifts at work from 9-5 m-f to three 12 hour shifts a week.
  • We had a 10 month old baby (K.) live with us for a few months...that was crazy...
  • I ran a 10k (which was a big deal for me!)
  • Russell passed his series 7
  • I did my first couple boutique shows and actually sold things in my etsy shop (for a bit anyways)
  • We started and finished foster/adopt classes
  • we were considered as adoptive parents for 5 different kids (2 of which we were considered for twice)
  • We did IVF (that's a beast of a post for another time...)
  • We finally got pregnant
  • we found out we were having TWINS
  • We were chosen to be adoptive parents for J. and he moved in with us.
  • We house shopped...but didn't find anything that convinced us to commit

Now we're sitting here in 2015 and this year is shaping up to be just as crazy...

  • We're still in our ghetto little duplex, and we actually really like living here.
  • Russ is still working 3/12's and we really enjoy having him home several days a week, but the first half of the week is pretty rough. 
  • I'm still expecting to be called any day now to testify in K's trial...if it ever goes to court...such a mess. 
  •  Russ is now working on his level 1 CFA and it.is.a.beast. The man studies like crazy and even then, he wishes he could find more time to study. It's a big test.
  • We found out we are having twin girls!

I don't want to put it in a bullet point, but I'm also not really sure how much I want to talk about it on here, but after several months of living with us, J. went back to his family. It is a really, really good thing and I can't describe the experience as anything but bittersweet. Russell still gets quiet when we find something of his or if we talk about him. It's hard, but at the same time, we know that he is exactly where he needs to be with the parents he is supposed to be with and they love him so stinking much. He's a totally different kid with them, and that....that is a beautiful, miraculous thing. 

Life is so crazy...
There is no way I could have guessed my life would follow the course it has, but at the same time I am so, so very thankful for all of the wonderful things that I get to experience despite/because of the crazy.


So, yep. 
Consider yourself briefly, non-chronologically, updated.