Sunday, November 27, 2011

Being the Gordons...

We have been so busy lately! Cue a bombardment of back logged blog posts.

Since we came back from our honeymoon we have:

Moved into our apartment.
Unpacked all of our belongings.
I started working at Mountain Gear (10 feet from Russell, which is really nice!)
Bought a car and named it Jebby (temporarily)
We've attended our new ward (which we love and are sad we will only be in for a short time)
Watched the Lost Carols which Katie, Amy, Connie and some family friends all participated in.
Had an amazing Thanksgiving at the Gordon home with everyone there!
We (thanks to Mom/Dad Gordon) went and saw the Trans Siberian Orchestra as an early Christmas present.

Lots of big and awesome changes going on, and every single one made better by the fact that my love and friend is with me every step of the way.


 Halloween was pretty low-key and fun around here. We carved our first pumpkin as a married couple and went to a ward trunk-or-treat party, where we huddled around a fire pit, drank watery hot chocolate and voted on different chili's-all dressed as rock climbers (mostly because we forgot to dress up and had our harnesses in the car.)


We started off our honeymoon in Leavenworth, where we revisited a little cheese stop we had found back in high school and picked up some awesome cheese for dinner and a picnic lunch for our hike/climb the next day.

Disregard how blue and cool the picture looks, it was actually fantastically sunny and warm. There were even a couple of places were the rocks were so warm that we laid down and sunbathed on our way up to climb.

You can't tel from this picture, but the leaves on this tree and many others were bigger than both my hands spread out and put together. The colors were so gorgeous on our little hike!

We went to the aquarium where they had these awesome overhead tanks lit with skylights and swarming with various fish.

View from the top of the space needle! It was chilly and a little windy but amazing.

My favorite place that we stopped/went to was Pike's Place Market, we watched the famous fish throwers and sampled lots of tasty things. Our goal was to find Baklava, which we did and it was amazing! I was awed by all the colorful produce and the gorgeous (and surprisingly inexpensive) floral selections.

The gorgeous long stemmed dahlia Russ bought for me.

We went on an hour long harbor cruise and learned some interesting facts about Seattle.

View from the harbor tour boat.
We stopped by the Science center where they had a perfect little serene butterfly garden. They had a window where you could see all the cocoons, it was cool to see some of them twitching and beginning to open.

My phone (which we were using as a GPS) was dying so we wrote down the directions to Leavenworth on our take out boxes from the angry dog (aka Molly's in downtown Spokane)

Taking in the view. It was so quiet up where we were, we didn't see another soul the whole way up or back.

Russell, living out his honeymoon dreams and gearing up for our first attempt at a multipitch. (Our first attempt together, he has conquered the feat many turns out I don't like following so much!)

We had so much fun at the science center, there were tons of little kid things to play around with.

I know these pictures are all out of order, but I don't feel like moving them around at the moment.  It was so much fun (although entirely surreal) to spend all week in Leavenworth and Seattle with my best friend(/husband!) It was actually sunny and warm for the majority of the week, it only rained on our last day there.

We almost ate at the space needle, but chickened out because of the price, instead we rented a red box and ate pad thai in our hotel room. Just as good :). Maybe we will make it back there for an anniversary :)