Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dear Craig's List Spammer,

The other day, Russ took some pictures of some musical equipment he has but doesn't use; to be sold on Craig's List.

As with just about everything listed for sale over $100, we got a spam message saying that the purchaser is leaving the country to (insert out of country location here) and he would have his assistant come and pick it up for him, AND because of the inconvenience and delay (his assistant wouldn't be able to come for another couple days) he would give us another $50.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Russ was a little bummed that he just got spam, so I told him we should rebuttal the offer.

We told the spammer that we wanted an extra $200 and use of his personal assistant for a week. We also wanted a personal phone call from him impersonating Mr. Bean, (which; Russ noted, is pretty hard to do.)

We were surprised when we got a new e-mail notification from the spammer.

We quickly thought of all the things he could say to us, for a moment we panicked and thought this may not have been a spam, until we opened the e-mail.

it read:

go and die


I guess he won't be having his personal assistant come pick up the equipment.

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