Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tutorial Tuesdays: Shirt to Yoga Pants

Double Tutorial Tuesday! Weee
Since the releasing darts tutorial is more of an informative-if-you-are-making-something deal, I thought I'd throw in this super quick, super comfy tutorial:


I saw the idea to make a shirt into yoga pants on Pinterest, so I went for it!

(The original tutorial is here, mine is a little different)

Take a men's long sleeved t-shirt:
Small Shirt= Small Pants
Medium shirt= Medium pants
Large Shirt= Large pants
XL Shirt = XL pants

you get the picture.

 (Sorry this is upside down, I was in a hurry)

Step One:
Lay your shirt out on a large flat surface, making sure the side seams are lined up and cut off the sleeves and down the center. Next, cut off the neckline.

The body of the shirt will now be both of your pant legs.

Step Two:

Cut out two rectangles from the sleeves. They should be the same length as the top (by where the neck was) of your pant legs.

Open up each rectangle and sew them to each other on the skinny ends, then fold so the seams are enclosed.

Step Three:

Turn both sides inside out (so the previous serging is on the outside) and
Sew the side leg seams together on the outside edge.

Step Four: 
Turn one leg right side out and put it inside the other leg, matching up the curve of where the armholes used to be and sew together. Pull the leg back out.

Step Five:
You should have something that looks like pants now! To lengthen the waistline (highly suggested if you have any sort of fanny to speak of) add the waistband by matching up the side seams of the band to the side seams of the pants with the pants inside the waistband and the raw edges of the band and the pants facing up and sew together.

Step Six:

Put them on and go work out!

Happy sewing!

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