Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays: Buy this - not that.

I was bored the other day, so I was shopping around online and came across this cute tulip skirt from anthropologie

The price tag? Not so cute at over $100

I was then curious to find something similar for less and came across this:

From Old Navy: Less than $20

I do like the wider hem of the anthro skirt, so I would add top stitching to the Old Navy skirt to get that look.


After my little price comparison adventure, I realized how easy it is to find affordable alternatives to more expensive items. (I'm  not saying to find knock-offs, but there are so many similar styles out there).

The key to finding what you want at a more affordable price online is by knowing the names of the clothing and some basic termonology. 

For dresses, I found this handy little guide:

My current hunt is for something similar to these anthro skinnies:

They'd be so cute for spring!


  1. that dress silhouettes chart looks very useful. and those anthro skinnies look so darn cute!! x

    1. I know! The price just isn't cute enough for me! I found some similar on ebay though, so I'm going to keep my eye on those!