Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday: What the?!

Do you ever see something and think to yourself, "What THE?!?".
You know, the moment you realize that several, if not dozens, of people had to pass off on an idea before it came to fruition. 

(like the whole state-pride knickknack section by the check out of every Walmart: shot glasses, wolf statues, you know the stuff)

Russ and I have both been sick kiddos this week, so we've been getting real friendly-like with some (generic) Nyquil.  

In my half awake, snotty, coughing, groggy, stupor I looked at the front of the bottle and read this:

The MAKE it taste like that??? AGHCK!

I mean I'm a fan of the occasional black licorice but c'mon, what group taste tested this and said, yes ma'am that's Good?


Alcoholics, that's who. Alcoholics who just wanted some free alcohol in any way they could get it.


Does anyone actually like the taste of this stuff?


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    1. Thanks for coming around! I'm a new follower of your blog as well. Hope to hear from you often!