Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekends and tuesday tutorials!

We had the awesome chance to go to my cousin's wedding reception.

We at great food, saw good friends and just hung out with the fam.

My sister-in-law and I also took our husbands (and little brothers) to an indoor 
Nerf Gun arena... (yes it was made of cardboard boxes)

it was. AWESOME! 


Today's Tutorial is just a quick four step one for when you're feeling like a homebody.

A sassy home body that is.

Cheetah Print Fingernails:


You will need:
3 coordinating nail polishes
1 for the background
1 lighter for the inner spots
and 1 darker for the outside of the spots
1 Bobby Pin or toothpick

(I used a gold, blush pink and maroon)

Step One: 
Prime your nails and apply your base coat.
(if your base color is transparent, add coats until desired color)

Step Two:
With the polish brush, make various sized splotches on your nails.
I found that for my fingers, 3 spots were the best number.
Don't worry about consistency in size, just don't make them too big. But if you do, not to worry! You can fix that in the next step.
let dry.

Step Three:
After the polish has dried. Take a bobby pin (with the rounded end still on) and dip it into your darkest color and trace around the outsides of your spots in a rough "C" pattern. If there are little wiggles or free standing dots, good job! It all adds to the effect.
let dry.

Step Four:
Be sure that all polishes have dried so you don't smudge your work, and apply a clear top coat.
Voila! You're done and super sassy with your cheetah nails and sweat pants!

A long lasting tip:
Instead of brushing the polish simply from top to bottom or bottom to top, stroke upwards and then curve the brush parallel to the end of the nail, in somewhat of an upside down L. This helps the polish not to chip off the ends of your nails!

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