Sunday, May 6, 2012

Friend dates

Friend date #1:

Russ was gone for a couple nights (our first time apart since we've been married! It was pathetic how lonely I was...) So, I went to watch the vow and get hot chocolate with my new friend Kait who is an extremely talented seamstress and a total crack up to be around.

Friend date #2:

cupcakes, thrift stores, speak of crafty things...

Best friend date ever with the amazing Laura who can crochet like nobody I've ever met and (don't let her be modest) can sing amazingly. I'd buy her album (if she had one) even if I wasn't her friend.


Friend dates, where I can both catch up and get to know someone even better are just one of my favorite things. 


  1. How was The Vow? I wanted to go see, but my hubby said its probably a boring chick flick, is it?

    1. I think my husband would have enjoyed it (but he likes chick flicks sometimes) I cried like seven times haha. So, I'd suggest going and seeing it with the girls :) I got kinda frustrated with the girl main character, she was super selfish but other than that it was awesome