Thursday, January 19, 2012

St. George, Zion, fire and crack

Zion, Zion, lovely Zion. Beautiful Zion...

 We stole the opportunity (Thanks Civil Rights Day!) to take a quick trip to Southern Utah and get our hands on some gritty sandstone cracks.

 We loaded up our car with gear and good company, trail mix and hopes for sunlight and warmer weather.

There was absolutely no disappointment to be had (aside from a mishap on a 5.8...more on that later), the sun was gorgeous, the cracks were perfect and the weekend went by all to fast.

This weekend, I realized that: I could really get into crack climbing. I was jittery just taping up for the first time. I also realized that I am in no way ready to lead climb anything above a 5.5 (Yay for 5 foot off the ground freak outs)

We climbed, we hot tubbed, we bon-fired (hello high school, nice to catch up again) and I even got to do a little bit of off roading! 

My absolute favorite part of the weekend, aside from all the beauty we saw, and climbing my first crack; was just how legit excited Russell was when he came down from leading a climb called The Headache. I can't help but smile when he gets that stoked on something.

We can't wait to get back out and for the weather to start warming up so we can go on more adventures, I'm pulling for Moab and some Canyoneering/Climbing. Whose game?

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