Wednesday, January 11, 2012

12 minutes of being super wife...

At 9:45 this morning, I heard someone pounding on my door (no, not knocking).
Scampered out of my pj's and into some semi decent clothes and opened the door to find our apartment manager standing there to inform me that the building's water will be shut off  for 3 hours starting at 10 am.

Throwing out the idea from 5 minutes ago to take a shower and get presentable for when husband came home, I hurriedly brushed my teeth and filled up a couple pitchers of water to put in the fridge...

Then I saw my counter and sink and remembered the sleepy promise I had made to my husband at midnight last night...

"I'll do the dishes tomorrow while you're at school..."


I was expecting him home before the water was expected to be turned back on, I looked at the clock

9:47 AM


Could I successfully do all of these dishes with one sink and a tiny counter in 13 minutes?

Yes, yes I did. 
And well too.

wife win!
Never minding the fact that they were all dirty and piled up to begin with...

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