Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good Food (poor pictures)

 For FHE on Monday, we sat down and talked about ways that we can be healthier, not just to lose weight, but to establish a better lifestyle that we can solidify before we have kids.

We made a couple small goals like; drink enough water, watch our salt intake, exercise more and learn more about the things we eat.
Here are a couple of the things we came up with, food-wise.

Monday, we made some killer carrot/onion/ginger soup in the crock pot:
Grand total for the entire crock pot full of soup: 
600 calories for Four servings!

We then re-used the left over soup in a small stew with a mixed green salad.
We are big fans of spinach and mixed greens (and sprouts! We put them on everything)
Total dinner calories with crackers: 550

 Today, we polished off the rest of our salad with some tomato-basil feta cheese, raspberry walnut vinaigrette
a cup of milk and a slice of wheat bread:
Calorie total: 414

We have found the trick to eating (and really enjoying) salads is to make good ones! None of that empty ice burg lettuce or fake cheese shreds!

We have also been using this website to keep track of things like our food, activity, and water intake.  It gives us a better idea of what we are (or aren't) doing for our bodies when we eat what we do and live like we do.

The fun thing about it, is it gives you a letter grade at the end of the day and several different charts and graphs and little goals to keep you motivated. We also downloaded the app on our phones for the site which links our free accounts.

We've been having fun with it, now everyday planning out meals is like a puzzle to figure out which pieces need to go together (and taste good!) to get us our daily recommended amounts of carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals etc, all while staying under the recommended amounts of fats, sodium and other such stuff! Its great because we aren't on a diet, we are just eating healthier!

If you have any cheap, easy, healthy meals you like to make, let us know!

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