Monday, January 23, 2012

The People you meet, the places you go...

Today I had the sublime privilege of traipsing around Historic Downtown Idaho Falls with my new buddy Erin.

We stopped by an antique store and gawked at all of the beautiful china, furniture, knick-knacks and vinyls.

We found ourselves stowed away in a little corner with shelves and boxes of Vinyls to be looked through and found one by the Ames Brothers. Intrigued to find out more, we had a little anachronism-esque moment while I pulled up one of the songs listed on the Vinyl on Youtube with my phone.

This is the gem that blessed our ears:

Charted at #3 on Billboard in November 1954, and #6 on UK Singles chart.


The sweet lady behind the counter who rung up our purchases talked to us about the ups and downs of working in an antique store. She loved seeing different items come in, but it was always a little heart breaking when a rare piece slipped through her fingers, undetected on the individual vendor stocked shelves, and into the hands of a customer.

She told us about vintage jewelry, and about how she had kept all of her toys from when she was young, as did her husband. She also told us of her love for collecting dolls and her husband's interest in toy trucks. She shrugged slightly and smiled sadly as she explained that her and her husband had never had kids. She said; "I guess that's why we both are so attached to the sentiment of our toys."

People like her intrigue me. I was itching to ask more questions and get to know little bits more about her, but I didn't want to pry. I love the stories of every day people that I meet when I am out and about.


  1. Oh man... that song just so totally MADE MY DAY. Awesome. And I agree completely about the people you meet. I am always so curious about peoples' stories... I've actually been mulling over a future blog post about this. I think in our culture we are so guarded and closed with our lives, hearts, and tough stuff, that it's really tough to get to know people well and develop strong friendships. I wish we could all be a little more trusting and open with each other, you know? Because I love people - and I love knowing peoples' stories.

  2. Oh, and also, I loved reading over your blog. :) Would you mind if I added it to my sidebar to keep track of it? MAN I wish I hadn't just moved away from Rexburg!