Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day...Oh yea, I'm going there.

I was surprised how many Valentines Day posts were actually up on Valentines Day!
(The only reason I got to see them,was because I was slammed with some intense insomnia, eek. 3:30 am and I are buds apparently)

I hope every one's Valentines Day went amazingly well. I know mine did :)

I spent the afternoon with the girls just fabric shopping and talking about our lovey-hubs. We got some fantastic materials for skirts, vests and baby dresses.

As I climbed the stairs and rounded the corner to my apartment, I saw something hanging from above my doorway. As I got closer, I saw a note that said WIFE! accompanied by several caramel kisses hanging from streamers.

Not gonna lie, folks. It was the cutest note I had ever received. 

(flash back: in high school, husband asked me to prom by covering my bedroom with various candy kisses with a note that said "I kiss the ground you walk on, I would love to take your buns to prom". Inside the room were the kisses laid out in a heart around a package of hot dog buns... How could I say no to that?! So in this note there was a nod to that cherished memory)

I walked in to see this...

and a little further down the hallway:

kisses on the floor, heart on the bed...this time instead of hot dog buns in the middle of the heart, there were some sweet (oh so sweet, we'll have candy for weeks!) packages from Russ' mom.


After tearing up (c'mon, just a little bit. It was sweet okay!) I scrambled to get dinner ready before hubs got home. We had a candle lit picnic on the floor with sparkling apple cider, salad, sweet chili shrimp (only the second time I've ever made shrimp!) and cilantro lime rice. It was a hit.

We talked, made googley eyes at each other, listened to some really cheesy 90's love songs (er, thanks for that Pandora) played some board games and watched The Lost Future. (We knew when the previews started that we were in for a...treat. I wouldn't recommend this movie... unless you are like us and like to poke fun at illogical plot developments)


Hope your Valentine was as sweet to you as mine was to me, or if you were flying solo this year- I hope you took the time to spend time with your friends or family. 

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