Friday, February 24, 2012

Enough time has passed...

Here's the story of an Epic Unfortunate-ness

On Wednesday, I was supposed to go downtown for an interview at 10 am. 

Here's what I did to prepare:
1. laid my clothes out.
2. Got my hair to a point that I could just touch it up and go the next day.
3. Google mapped the place, and opened it on my phone gps. 
4. Wrote down the directions, you know, in case something happened to all electricity and batteries.
5. Made sure husband's alarm was set.
6. Set my own alarm. (Each for 7 am)
7. Gave myself 2 hours to get ready and an extra half hour to get there to make sure I found it.
8. Made a mental note to grab a few bucks to put gas in the car just in case.
9. Told Russell, in case the alarms failed, to make sure I get up.
10. Put the cereal on the counter so I wouldn't forget to eat breakfast.

Why none of that mattered:
1. It was too windy for the dress I laid out.
2. Did I mention a significant chunk of my hair is accidentally pink right now? I like it, I have a feeling school districts would not.
3. Google Maps suck.
4. Writing the directions down on paper from Google Maps doesn't make them any more accurate.
5. I always get so nervous before interviews, I wake up before my alarms.
7. Between picking out new clothes, freaking out about what they would think about my hair and *surprise!* not being able to find my wallet, I left with 20 min to find the place.
8. My mental notes mean NOTHING, I forgot to grab the money.

And here is how it all played out:

Halfway to Idaho Falls, I realized my gas light was on. *How long has that thing been on?? Oh, well I'll just get gas in IF* I take the exit directed, turn left where directed, and now I just have to find the one street that the building is on and I'm good. 5 passes up and down the street later, I realize Google Maps is a filthy fibber and there is no access to the road I needed to be on from the road that I was on. Oh yea, and my gas light is still on, oh yea, and I just remembered I forgot my wallet, oh yea, and my phone is about to die. At this point I've wasted most of my precious phone battery to attempt to contact the school and let them  know I will be late (ahhh the tackiness of that!) to do much else, so I --defeated and fighting back the tears-- start to just head home, hoping I can make it back with no gas.

I then calm down enough to remember we have a car charger (thank you smart husband!) Then I realize, in my frustration, I took a wrong turn somewhere and am now lost. With no gas, and no gas station in sight, and no means to purchase gas. No more fighting, at that point the tears were rolling. I plug my phone in, pull over and call Russ (who is in class) he calms me down, finds the number for the school district, texts it to me, and borrows a friends car (yea, all that, that fast, he's awesome) and tells me to try to find out where I am to call him back so he can come find me.

Turning around once I see signs for Swan Valley (wheeerreee am IIIII?) I drive back towards where I think the majority of IF is, then, amazingly, up ahead, I see TARGET! I definitely knew where I was at that point, called Russell, gave him directions there (yea, I should be trusted to do that) and pouted in the car until he got there.

Because there was nothing else that could be done, he put gas in the car and said "Whelp, we are already here, let's do something, do you want to go to a fabric store?"


So we went to the Mountain store (because I would have felt way too bad dragging him to a fabric store after I made him come all the way out to save me) and then he took me to lunch at Chickfila and to roam through some big box stores.

I love my husband, he was the only saving grace from that day.
and, oy, what a day! All before noon.

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