Sunday, February 26, 2012

To the left, to the left...

See that little picture-do-dad to the left there on my old blog-o-rini?

Yea, that's my Etsy store. 

I've been sew, sew, sewing away--but there is still so so much to be done!

Pictures, and models, and labels and twine and tags and pricing and advertising and organizing and sewing and fitting and draping and oy-vey.

So I've been working my little fingertips at these things, but they are still going oh-so-slowly.

So I went ahead and jumped the gun.

I posted two items, in unflattering light, on dress forms, to motivate myself to get these things done, done, done. Because right now, it is getting a little discouraging. 

SO! Disregard the poor quality of those photos and expect better from me, because it's coming!

Thought I'd just clear up any disappointment and shame you may have had by being my friend. :)

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