Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays: Scrapping

Remember that big fabric haul I made mention of?

Well, here is a little sneak preview of how it is ending up.


Before we get to the juicy stuff, let's talk about the thrifty stuff!

Using fabric scraps.

I'm lucky enough to have a sewing lab on campus nearby that has a little scrap bin in it. My favorite is when the new sewing students throw huge swatches of fabric in there because they see no use for them. WRONGO!

There are plenty of things from bows to appliques to textural elements you can add to your garment.

1. selvege edges: you can braid them into belts, crochet with them, etc.
2. bows: bow accessories are everywhere- shoe/hair clips, belts
3. Fabric yoyos and rosettes
4. details on sewn cards
5. or, the ever so popular bunting
(I have no affiliation with these shops, just examples.)

With all that in mind: here's my thrifty addition to a shirt- a leopard print shoulder bow:

and just's a little peek into what is coming in my etsy shop fairly soon. (It is sadly empty right now)

Check back soon for more updates and a give-away or two! :)
Happy Thursday!

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