Friday, May 4, 2012

This week in sewing

Isn't he so creepy?? A couple semesters ago, when the girls were moving the fabric room, he fell off of a shelf and terrified everyone. He was promptly bedazzled and now lives on the project shelf.

This last week at work I:

Hemmed 3 pairs of jeans, while keeping the original hem (they were all $170+ pairs of pants, so I was a little nervous) using a tutorial I found on Pinterest. 

Put neck, sleeve and waist casings on 5 Southern Belle skirts/shirts

began sewing a pair of sweats from a previous pair of sweats

Tag teamed 8 60" long sashes

Seam ripped, and re-cut 6 cheer leading shirt fronts (after the local screen printing shop melted the fronts)

and, I did a little freelance work in sewing a baby blessing dress and bonnet, with promises of more to come!

and that's all I can remember right now haha. But today it hit me that I am actually getting paid to sew and it seems (seams, punny) all too good to be true!

My friend/coworker Kait and I are going to be making a wedding dress this semester, so I'll be keeping you updated on that! We are going for something really old-Hollywood glamour. It's going to be stressful awesome!

So, if you're in the market for a wedding dress, let us know!

(now it's off to work V2...)

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