Monday, May 28, 2012

JCrew Hack: No. 2 Pencil Skirt

JCrew $138

This little floral skirt is one of my favorite summery things I've seen in a while. And since you can find a chambray and blue canvas sneakers ANYWHERE this look is super easy to re-create.

So, here's a quick tutorial on drafting a pencil skirt pattern
Or, find one you like on pinterest.

And here's some similar fabric:

Something to keep in mind when recreating a look that you like is that you may not always find a fabric that is exactly the same or even close really. So identify 2 or 3 main principles. 

1st: What strikes you most about the original item?
here: The floral pattern with the use of white and the boldness of the purple.

2nd: what is it made out of?
Here: cotton (with a hint of stretch), so you're going to want something also in cotton. Often if a high end piece of clothing is made out of something that is out of your price range (try finding decently priced Crepe De Chine, impossible) you can find a less expensive substitute.

3rd: Care.
here: This isn't an issue here, but there's a dress I have my eye on that is made of wool crepe. Now, I know that I will never dry clean that dress and chances are it'll accidentally get thrown into the dryer by a well-intentioned husband, so I'm looking for an alternative that I can just throw in the wash and not worry about.


happy sewing!

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