Saturday, May 12, 2012

Burning the Midnight Oil...

Hi, my name is Cambra. I'm taking 15 credits, I work two jobs (42 hours this week), I'm sewing a wedding dress, taking on side projects, fulfilling my church calling, currently doing laundry and getting this week's meals in order.


And apparently I don't know when to say no.


This week has been oh-so-long, I closed at the pizza parlor last night and I had to be up by seven to pick up our bountiful basket and then be to work for a mandatory meeting...4 hours before my shift, the meeting ended an hour and a half early so I skiddadled my way out to my car before anyone could side track me and took an hour long nap in the front seat.

 Homeless person style.
Well, homeless person with a car style.


  1. I have been wondering from all the stuff you've been pinning if you're going into business doing wedding dresses! SO COOL. That idea makes me soooo totally nervous. Who are you doing a dress for?

    1. I am so nervous! I'm making one with a friend right now, but we are including tailoring because we don't have a client right now. We figure it'll be less pressure that way but we can still include it in our portfolios.

  2. boy, busy busy!