Monday, June 11, 2012

The Mill End Store and Pendleton Wool

Russ and I were in Portland from Wednesday to Friday, we didn't get to spend much time together, but that's okay. We were there to network with different fields.

The Textiles/Apparel Design group that I went with had the opportunity to go to the Mill End Store.

Can we say biggest fabric store in the Nation? 

....Even though the size was extremely impressive, I wasn't all that impressed with the fabrics. For some reason everything seemed old and a little frumpy. So I walked out with, not fabric, but; a half a candy bar.


However, I had much better luck at Pendleton Wool. We took the tour, saw some amazing prints coming out for Holiday 2013 and learned a lot about the textile. We also got to visit the store and score some delicious cream colored lightweight wool fabric for $24  $1.99 a yard. Say what??? 

I snatched that 2 1/8 yard up before I could even begin to think of what I would make with it. Right now I have it narrowed down to a shift dress or one of my own designs that I've been sketching around.


  1. So cool! And I'm jealous of your trip to Portland. My family is there now and I've been dying to go visit!!! But right now they are in an apartment with the cat and I'm allergic, so I have to wait til they sell their house in NC and can move into a house in Portland and the kitty is outside once more....

    Also, my word verification thingy for this was "dresolu." Gibberish, of course, but it's almost "dress", which I thought very appropriate for this post and this blog!