Monday, June 25, 2012

Disappearing act

We've been really good lately at pulling short term disappearing acts and stealing away together.

We drove up to Mesa Falls, checking another sight off the "Before We leave here forever" list. It was the perfect afternoon!

On the drive home, Russell asked me what my favorite part was, and then he told me his: 

"My favorite part, was when I was walking backwards up the trail and looked at you and you gave me a super cute little smile. That was my favorite."


Sheesh, these last posts have been nuthin but mush! So now that you're all caught up on how much I'm swooning over my husband now that I finally get to see him... I'll stop with the mush. :) 

Well, on the blog anyway.


When we got back into town, we apartment hunted, planned out a little road trip, looked for puppies on craigslist and headed out to the park to have a sunday spaghetti dinner with our favorite Warnicks (Kait has a phenomenal recipe for mozzorella stuffed meat balls..too good!) and then ended the night with some card games. Ok, so we played poker. 

And I got destroyed. Serves me right, eh?


Here's to hoping your weekend was just as brilliant!

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