Saturday, June 9, 2012


I've been going, going, going and that means for the blog world, I've been gone. 

This week has been jam packed with wonderful stuff (and homework, blargh)

Wednesday morning at 2 am, Russ and I shuffled our sleepy bums out of bed and up the mile to school to board a bus to drive us to Salt Lake, to get on a plane to fly to 


It was so great to go to Portland again, I love that city. We went on all sorts of tours and made some awesome connections with designers and businesspersons alike. 

We went with the school on the internship expedition and were beyond pleasantly surprised when we pulled up to our hotel, smack dab in down town.

It was gorgeous and the sheets were oh so soft,which was beyond wonderful because after traveling for the better part of the day and going to meetings with big shot companies all on less than 2 hours of sleep...

I think any bed would have felt nice.

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