Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A camping we will go!

Russell and I are taking a Mountaineering class, so we have been preparing. 

In preparation....

We bought a tent!!

It weighs 3.5 lbs, is long enough for us to comfortably sleep in and has a handy little vestibule (vegetable as I kept getting it tongue tied) for our gear, in the front.

We practiced setting it up and taking it down at Smith Park, it was perfect weather to hang out in our little tent and we got our set up time to 3.5 minutes, woot!


We had talked and goofed around inside for a good hour or so when Russ turned to me, smiled, and said 
"I feel like we are still dating. I love you" and pulled me close to his chest.


Melt my heart a little more Mr. Gordon. Melt my heart a little more.

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