Monday, April 2, 2012

Where'd the week go?

We started out with taking a trip up to Spokane last weekend to visit Mama Gordon for a little birthday surprise. The boys and I (along with a passenger from ride board- gotta love it) hopped in the car early Friday evening and shot up for a quick weekend. 

It was great to see everyone and to just hang out with family...especially because finals were coming up (they are here! ugh) and I'd been feeling really cooped up round these parts.

Since we've been back, it's been a flurry of errands, a little bit of climbing at a new crag and Midget Widget (which I must say, not such the fan when it is snowing, my fingers are frozen, and the only sensation in your fingers is that of being scrubbed with a jagged pumice stone).

Hung out with just the wives while the boys watched climbing videos and got geared up for the Zion trip.

And sadly, but excitingly, my big brother and his little fam are moving for the semester to go and sell in Kansas we got all of their dry food.

Now to just keep Russ calm through his finals, get some plasma donations in and find room for all this stuff before Wednesday!!

Fun post right?

Oh yea, and I'm thinking about going to graduate school....eeps!
What are your thoughts on that?

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