Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Zion stuff!

I know I said I would be posting this pictures from Zion throughout this week...
but all of my pictures are on Russell's computer and he's had it with him at school
and I've been at work.
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

The boys and I got into Rockville around 8 pm on Wednesday, watched some chick-flicks (their choice) and hit the hay for an early start the next morning.

We took the quick hike/walk to the mouth of the Narrows at the Temple of Sinawava. 

(Side note: If you ever want to feel like a rockstar [no pun intended], just hike around Zion with all of your climbing gear. People  will think you're awesome and sneakily take pictures of you in the background, or ask you to pose with them. I felt like a redhead in China!)

One of the days after everyone got there, we hiked into Kolob Canyon for, what I thought was, the most aesthetically amazing thing we saw during the whole trip.

The canyon floor is pretty packed with trees and surprisingly; snow. If you stand in the middle and lean your head back just enough, you can see both walls of the canyon making a narrow strip of the sky.

The side of the canyon we were climbing on was at an impressive, overhung, angle 
Making for some pretty awesome falls.

In attempts to avoid the batch of trees on my right, I mauled shin up a lil bit by the trees on the left. It was freezing, we got hailed on, and several people in our group had their first go with the screaming barfies.

On possibly the warmest day we were there, Easter Sunday, we went to church where we met a couple hikers (the strangers in this pic) and then hopped on the park buses to hike Angels Landing.

(This pictures documents the very last time that week that I was ever in the front and Jack was ever in the back! )

Once at the top, we DIDN'T  feed the chipmunks (or chick-monks...which are technically nuns). They did however snatch up some apple cores that I kicked away from me when I realized several of them were fighting underneath my legs. I find all wildlife to only be cute at a distance, up close they get real mangy real fast.

Mostly, I was just stoked that I made it to the top without dying or cursing Walter and his wiggles too much.

Still to come:

The day we got stuck in a convection oven
My first sport lead/multi pitch/slab climb/simul-climb
and more! ooo baiting!

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