Thursday, April 19, 2012

Date Night!!

Russ and I are both very practical when it comes to money (Okay, so he is very practical and I'm pretty practical). 

We don't eat out much, and we rarely go to the store just to get "treats"

So when I get a really strong hankering for something sweet, I convince him to take me out on a date (his weakness to saying yes...don't tell him I told you this.)

So we hopped in the shower, got all spiffied up and scooted our patooties down to the Cocoa Bean to share a Grasshopper cupcake. (We justify the sugar load by splitting one) and since we were already 'downtown' we went to the Craze to play some Ski Ball.

I don't know when we became arcade junkies, but we love running in their with our 4 (six if we are feeling crazy) tokens apiece and entering into an epic unspoken battle, yet alliance to see who can get the most tickets/see how many we can earn all together.

I know this is blurry, but I was just so gosh darn excited about winning the jackpot (333 tickets) on a balloon burst game. I couldn't hold still, they just kept coming!! Russell and I decided that we could never gamble, because we would be those people who didn't know when to quit at the high risk tables. Although I did get this first try. Yea, I'm bragging about this. Judge me. 

(Oh, and this is my new favorite skirt, I made it with some fabric I found at the DI for a buck, there'll be one in my Etsy shop once that gets on)

If you ever go to the Craze and win the balloon jackpot, just play along with the guy behind the counter while he gives you his whole uncomfortably drawn out 'we need to call the cops because there was a reported balloon homicide' shpeel. It'll be less awkward that way.

We giddily ran our tickets over to the ticket counter (We learned to always, always, tear long strands of tickets apart. Otherwise, the machine will jip you.) fed our tickets into the machine and budgeted out the most bang for our buck.

We walked away with:
  • 1 jumbo parachute guy (yet to be named, but residing on our rear view mirror for the perfect launch moment)
  • 1 box of Jolly Rancher Chews
  • 2 ring pops
  • 1 bottle of glow in the dark goo
  • two starburst 

We then bought the cheapest burgers available at Arctic Circle (not to be bought again) and shared a small fry then came back to our apartment and talked in our car for an hour and a half until our windows were fogged up. Then came back inside and watched Homestar Runner (not as funny as I remembered it, but still fun).


I'm so very happy that I'm married to my best friend! We have so much dorky fun together.


  1. Hey :) thank you for visiting my blog and grabbing my button. Would you like to follow each other as well, since we're doing a button swap? :)

    btw, great date night! I need one with my hybby asap! Too bad im working the next two weeks :(