Friday, October 4, 2013

Fertility friday: hypothyroid

In early 2008, I was going to school full time and working part time. I'd be at school fromseven in the morning to around 4 in the afternoon. I would get my homework done and get my house in order. during that semester at college, I had quit taking my birth control and Started to not not try to get pregnant. After about a month I noticed I was extremely tired. At thid point I was carrying 20 credit hours and working full time, so I just chalked my fatigue to being overworked. Then I noticed my hairFalling out in what felt like terrifyingly large amounts. On top of this, I began to experience depression and severe brain fog. The brain fog is what finally sent me to the doctor to get checked on. They had me take a glucose intolerance test and drew Blood to test my hormone levels. Sure enough, the results came back that I was hypothyroid. I began taking 50 of levothyroxin and only within the last 6 months have I been bumped up to 75 mcg. As Of now, all my levels are normal, but my hair still falls out and I'm always a little spacey. Russ and I will be seeing a specialist in the next couple months, itd be nice to get more details about my other thyroid levels, which no dr seems to test for.

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