Thursday, October 17, 2013

Obsessed: Rustoleum Textured spray paint

The DIY projects are coming along strong here in Casa de Gordon!
One of my recent finds that I'm using in probably too many places around the house is this awesome textured spray paint. I'm a big fan of iron details (not so much curly, fleur de lis sort of iron, more industrial and minimalist?) but they are hecka espensive.

So, we've just been buying whatever shaped/functional item we can find at the lowest price and coating it with this awesome stuff. 

We found a great little whale statue for our bathroom last year, so we've been sticking with the theme. Recently, we found a rusty, oddly matted, watercolor of a whale at one of the many local Goodwill stores. The matting was a faded blue color and to match our bathroom it had to all be black, so I pretty much slathered the whole thing (cardboard matting included) in this rustoleum paint.

Someday I'll actually take a before picture.

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