Sunday, September 22, 2013


It has been a busy month!
I left Zion on a stormy weekend and headed down to Arizona to start getting things settled for our big move. I found our apartment and the day we went to sign the papers, it fell through. Bummer.

However! We found a much better apartment and signed the papers. We move in on Monday. 

My oldest little brother, Jaron, and his wife had a brief commitment ceremony in Mesa for her family, which we attended then headed home for Zion. 

On our way home, literally in the middle of nowhere, raining, no lights, we found a man sitting on the side of the road with a broken shoulder and a broken motorcycle. He had lost control and skid off the road. Aside from his shoulder he was totally fine. We waited with him for several hours as his tow truck came. 

We spent an all too quick weekend together before my family came through on their way up to Idaho. I rode up with them to attend Jaron and Hannah's sealing which went beautifully. 

I fly home tomorrow and can't wait to see my husband and pup, I'm so excited!

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