Friday, October 18, 2013

Fertility Friday: Polypectomy TMI for the squeemish

Our most recent (even though this was 6 months ago) breakthrough with our little fertility journey here was back in April. 

We were packing up to leave Rexburg and were rounding out our last visits with a Dr. we had found that we liked that we were just getting to join in on our desire to investigate what may be wrong instead of just throwing pills at it....which he still did and stuck me on metformin for several months...but I'll write about that later.

He ended up performing a saline ultrasound which was an experience I would rather forget, and would rather have been warned as to the pain. Even a little, 'oh...we'll be putting your body into some minor to mid-range contractions today...maybe take an ibuprofen before you come' would have been a nice heads up.

The ultrasound revealed that there was some fluid escaping into my abdomen and, although not as accurate as an HSG (let's please just never....), indicated that my tubes were clear and shouldn't be any impediment to us getting pregnant. He also found what he said may potentially be an intra-uterine septum and we scheduled surgery for the following week.

Note to fellow infertiles....maybe don't schedule minor surgery the same day as your very last college final exam and the day before you move to another state...maybe...but you probably already knew that.

I had read some horror stories about polypectomies and septum removals so I was a bit nervous. Thankfully, everything went just fine. Aside from the awkwardness of having three people poke and prod around my nethers, it really wasn't a painful or 'violating' experience as I had read many women felt. They gave me some painkillers and a local anesthetic, they told me to just relax because I wouldn't remember anything later but I pretty much remember everything...mostly just staring at the ceiling and waiting.

When everything was said and done, they told me they removed two pea to kidney bean sized polyps. The only side affects I had after the surgery were, after they removed the IV I was pretty shaky and had some pretty violent shivers, but they said that was normal. I spotted a little bit that day but that was it. The doctor seemed very optimistic that this would be the answer to our fertility issues...but still not being pregnant 6 months later leaves us feeling pretty hesitant to believe that.

On the bright side, before the surgery I had pretty painful and heavy periods. My first period after the surgery was kind of scary and heavy but every one after that I hardly get cramps and they are much easier to deal with. So, even if it wasn't the answer we were hoping for, it was still absolutely worth the time. 


  1. I've had several of those "you won't remember this" procedures and for the record, I REMEMBER EVERY SINGLE DANG ONE. ;)

    1. I even remember the one where I was so hopped up on Versed that I kept saying really weird things and the nurse made me call my mom so she could laugh at me. No joke. LOL.