Friday, September 23, 2011

Vandalism and Trespassing...or how he proposed

I met Russell in high school, as I have before mentioned on this blog, we were high school sweethearts
(I still like calling him sweetheart!)

Russell asked me out on a date, we hadn't been on a date for a little while because we had both been so we went to HuHot Mongolian grill and had ourselves an awesome dinner.
(We concluded that you can't really knock a Mongolian Grill for not tasting good, because you're the one mixing up the food)

He had told me a couple days earlier that he had gotten something for me but he didn't have it yet and that it would more than likely be part of our date, but that it wasn't my engagement ring. 
(Ok, ok, so now I admit that the boy has taken his sweet sweet time with the ACTUAL proposal)

After dinner he realized he had forgotten something so we went back to his house and I saw him run into the kitchen and grab something then come back out. We then headed towards Liberty Lake. I had had a feeling that the surprise had something to do with going to some part of Liberty Lake, as we headed towards the county park I realized that he had run back into the kitchen to grab a pocket knife so we could re-carve our initials in the tree we had attempted to so long ago.

Luckily the gate was still open, so we held hands and walked over to our tree. I traced out the heart and letters then we each took turns making either side of the heart permanent (yes, I felt a little guilty about carving up a tree like some punk kid, but we are just rebels I guess) 

We held up our phones alternatively to light our work, as we were carving we saw a couple deer a short stones throw away from the tree we were sitting in. We also thought we heard someone walking towards us so we froze and covered our lights. We are pretty sure it had just been another deer so we finished our work.

We admired our handy work and hopped down out of the tree where Russell gave me one of his classic little boy smirks and wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug. We stood there for a moment until he whispered:

"Can I ask you a question?"
*wait, didn't he say he didn't have the ring....he said he won't propose without it, could he?...*

Then he got down on one knee, at the roots of our tree, and he asked me to marry him. He slipped a little silver circle around my finger and I said yes. He explained that my actual ring was still being made (he picked out all the parts to it! So excited to see it!) but that he couldn't put off actually asking me to marry him any longer, so he got this little silver band for the time being.

I stood there with my face pressed into his neck, not believing what had just happened. After a while we decided to go back to the car before we got in trouble with a ranger or got locked inside the park.

On the way back to the car it finally hit that he had just proposed to me! and that I had said yes and that we were getting married in less than a month! AHHH! We giggled to ourselves all the way to Wal-mart where we bought two Diet Dr. Thunders to shake up and explode in the street by his house...because that is more than likely what we would have done in high school.

Its so fun to be a kid, but also to be an adult with him. I love that I have known him as a friend for so long and that he will now be my husband!

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