Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy buns

It was very nice stealing away a couple of hours to go get our climb on a few days ago. It has been surprisingly busy (mixed in with long bouts of lots of low-productive-feeling things to do). 

The man is up and out at 5:30 in the morning, 5:30! That is a horrible time! I, as a non-morning person, feel that the hours between 2 and 7 should be lumped together and slept through as much as possible. I putt around and try and get wedding stuff done, get rejected from jobs, fill out applications anyway (I"m such a trooper, I know) and most of all miss him and wish I could just sit and jabber his ear off all day long, but I generally can make it to 3 when he comes home...exhausted.

He was a trooper though and let me drag him around to all the craft stores in the Spokane area to get decoration items, we even managed to squeeze in a trip to the post office mere minutes before it closed. We ended the night with some much needed snuggling and napping.

I love this man, have loved this boy, so much. Its nice, although surreal to have him.

and can we just get a what, what for the beard?

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