Friday, August 24, 2012

Seattle and Portland and driving and driving.

After waking up refreshed in our muggy little hatch backed Jebby, in a quaint and downright picturesque Wal-Mart parking lot (after getting freaked out by some creepers that night) We set out to explore Seattle.

We hit up a couple of familiar places from our honey moon, had an amazing lunch of mish-mashed Pike's Place goodies including jalapeno ballilos and a pint of raspberries, played Sequence at McDonalds when we got tired of walking and picked Aubrey up from work and headed back to her place where she made an awesome dinner for us.

We hit up cupcake royale and an arcade by the pier then tucked in for the night while watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. (If you haven't heard of it, educate yourself. If you have, we'd probably be friends)

Around ten the next morning, we headed in to Portland to explore the goods of Saturday market and to experience our first sushi/conveyor belt...thing. It was awesome. 

...of to Smith Rock!

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