Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Not all who wander...

We woke up at seven and were out the door by eight, Jebby was packed to the brim with a bed roll, gear, and enough peanut butter and jelly sandwich supplies to last us for weeks.

The first morning drive was quiet, except for the sound of our somewhat-traditional pre-adventure cd playing. 

Our first stop was to our quaint (and somewhat kitschy) town of Leavenworth, we visited the Cheese Monger and ate our traditional picnic of cheese, apples, crackers and chocolate at a little park by the river. 

After such a scheduled semester, it was almost unnerving to have absolutely nothing solidly planned for the next several weeks. At some point we'd be in Seattle, some point Portland, Smith Rock, the beach, California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and at some point we'd come home. 

The only strict plans were to fulfill our road trip bucket list, and only then could we return home to finish unpacking/settling in and start up our jobs, and saving money, and figuring out what we actually need to do with our lives in the near future. But, for the next few weeks, all we had to worry about was making the most of our time together wherever we may end up.

Little did I know, the first day of our little extended trip would start with an epic...

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