Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I didn't die!

In case you were worried about me, I'm alive! 
I survived my first (extended) backpacking trip of all time!

5 days, 50 lb pack, and I came back having gained weight.
Yea, go figure.
Its all muscle folks, I promise. Nothing to do with Oreos and Swedish fish. 

Day 1:

We hiked into Teton Canyon and on up Devil's staircase until we found running water up there.

We camped in a little meadow next to a glacier. It was a rough night because, despite the cushy-looking-ness of the meadow, it was a lump fest.

A little coyote came into camp during the night and was tugging on the straps of one of the guys' packs. Unfortunately it skidaddled before anyone could snap a picture.

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