Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 2: The Wedge and Alaska Basin

That slightly ominous guy up there at the tip-top, that's the wedge.

Here's a better view:

We kicked a path into the snow (it was, honestly, a lot steeper than it looks) and scrambled up choss and made it to the top of the wedge.

On our way down, I had my first experience with self arresting with an ice axe. We were going to slide down a rather steep snow field that ended abruptly by a ton of rocks, when I started slipping down a lot faster than I had anticipated. Luckily we had gone over self arresting before this went down. I just didn't realize I was going to be applying the tactics so soon!


After hiking the wedge, we made a decent push to Alaska basin

We got to sleep on an awesome slab of granite and get rained on a lil bit.
Doesn't Russ look so refreshed?

As if getting rained on in our sleep wasn't chilly enough, several of us took a quick dip in the little alpine lake.

Fair warning to anyone who ventures into the Tetons; don't think you can escape the wrath of the mighty marmots.

The little sneaks steal everything and chew through anything salty (including harness webbing, learned that the hard way!)

We were, all marmots aside, rewarded with amazing sunsets all week. 

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