Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I got my ring!

Despite the fact that my finger looks chubby in this picture, I just had to show off my ring really quick!

I had been ever so (im)patiently waiting to see what Russell had  picked out, and to get it on my finger!

On Saturday, between sessions of conference, he asked if I wanted to run out to Minihaha 
(input 15 minutes of him asking if I was sure I wanted to go out, even though I didn't really feel like climbing all that much at the moment.)

So we get to the cliffs and we hike around the back to set the anchor and repel down because Russ didn't have enough trad to protect the climb like he would want to. I repel down first and untangle the rope, then  Russ comes down and  gets things sorted out for him to climb.

When we were setting the anchor, one of my shoes had fallen out of the gear bag and we didn't notice until Russell had already packed everything up, so i just threw it in the empty rope bag that I was carrying. When we got to the bottom, I went to put my shoe in the gear bag so I could lay out the tarp for the rope to be on, I unzipped the top pocket and saw a little black velvet ring box.

Like a ditz, I thought to myself...'is he wearing his ring again?!' (It had come in a week or so ago and he keeps sneaking it onto his finger...not that I can even pretend to be upset with him about that) so I opened it and it took me a  moment to realize that there was my ring, perfect and sparkly, sitting in the gear bag.

I, like a guilty 4 year old, snapped the box shut and zipped the bag closed but before I could stop myself (I had, in the split second of incrimination, decided I would pretend I hadn't seen it) I said "oh! Sorry!"

Completely confused, he asked "sorry about what?" I tried to play it off and say that it was nothing but I was grinning like a giddy fool and I told him I saw the ring. He groaned and admitted that he had had it in his pocket all day but didn't want it to fall out on the repel so he had stuck it in the bag only for a moment.

He had me tie in to the rope and 'act like I was going to climb' and had me climb about 15 feet, then he belayed himself up and proposed to me (again! haha) on the side of the cliff.

I love that man, I love my ring, I love my life.

(Not to brag or anything, but didn't he do SO good?? Its so classy!)

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