Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Barrage of Wedding crafts!

Generally speaking, I haven't been very stressed out about getting married. (In 11 days!!!) I have been keeping myself fairly busy with crafts for the reception!  

With the help of Russell and Kyle, I painted 32 white frames, which then got left out overnight and covered in dew the next day. Due (haha) to the condensation, some of the frames had spots on them that had began to bubble and warp a little bit. Instead of starting over or having a melt down i decided to just make (a bajillionty) paper flowers to cover the spots on the frames. They have been so much fun to make, and it really has felt good to be crafting stuff again. I've had quite the dry spell.

I LOVE this first picture of the clothes pins I painted. The second picture gives a better jist of the colors we are using, but it just looks so weathered and bleached :}. Our colors are white, grey, (light apple) green and yellow.

We are going to print out a bunch of the pictures we didn't use on our announcements from our engagement session with my dear friend Stephanie and hang them up with the clothes pins. (I can't get over this craft, I find myself recreating it almost yearly).

There are a lot more crafts under way, tonight I am building a cupcake tower and destroying a thrifted copy of Sherlock Holmes (don't hate me book gods), more pictures on that later!

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