Friday, July 29, 2011

Tumbleberry: n.; a dreamer.

I have this thing, where I imagine myself being capable of all these possibilities...

I imagine that I'm closer to the definite side off all the probablys,
the maybes and the we'll sees...

There is so much from life that I want to experience. There are so many dreams to be had, sometimes all the possibilities of who I could become and which path I could take all get overwhelming and jumbled.

So we'll start with what I daydreamed about today....

I picked some lavender from my grandmother's garden and rubbed it on my hands and feet. My mother infused some water I had with mint and Smee came and dipped his paws in, trying to lick the sugar I had set beside me as a scrub.

Today, I dreamed, when Smee and I are grown, to live in a house surrounded by lavender and mint.

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