Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A friggin haboob (back post)

Both girls were running low grade fevers last night and didn't sleep because they were so uncomfortable. They finally fell asleep at 630.

 I was so out I slept through the alarm for their appointment. 

So I'm scrambling to get two babies out the door. I get there 15 minutes late, so I have to wait 45 minutes for a new appointment. time. The girls are screaming and I realize I didn't feed them and have no bottles for them. 

So, there I am, 
in spit up caked sweats,
 holding two sweaty, screaming babies.
 Pacing the 'sick child' side of the waiting room. 

I clearly haven't slept, but go ahead and guess how many people come up and got really close to see the girls and coo and tell me I have my hands full
 while they scream?


I finally get taken back to a room. The girls are starving and losing their minds. The nurse tells me the Dr will be in in 15-20 minutes because they're backed up because a mom of twins came in late.

 Uhh, hi?

The girls are inconsolable, so I kick off my shoes, climb up on the exam table sitting cross legged and whip my boobs out. 

I have June in cross cradle held by my thighs and knees up to my chest (hello ab workout, meet non-existent postpartum abs) and I have Chloe in football to my right. The Dr comes in and busts a gut.

 They do the exam while I nurse both babies. I finally go to leave and there's a haboob.


 I wait for the dust to settle (literally) make it to my car where I realize my windshield wiper is broken as it starts to rain and turn all the dust to mud. I cried for a little bit then drove to Bosa Donuts and got myself a ham and cheese croissant and a mango smoothie.
 Because I freaking deserved that ish!

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